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Commercial Building Disclosure

What is Commercial Building Disclosure?

Commercial Building Disclosure is a Federal Government regulatory regime designed to drive energy efficiency in commercial office buildings by requiring owners of office buildings over 2000m2 to declare the building’s energy performance if offered for sale or lease.

Energy declarations under the CBD scheme provide valuable information to the consumer about the energy performance of the building, and hence operational energy costs.  Thus the consumer has better information in making the purchase or lease decision.

The CBD website has more information:

What is the Process?

Owners of buildings that come under the legislation are required to prepare a Building Energy Efficiency Certificate, which has three components:

  • A NABERS Office Energy Base Building Rating
  • A Tenancy Lighting Assessment
  • Energy Efficiency Information

There is also scope for exceptions (Police buildings, for example) and exemptions, such as where it is not possible to obtain a NABERS rating.

As the major task in the CBD process is the NABERS rating, the process proceeds in a similar manner to a standard NABERS Rating, with extra time on site to review the lighting systems and controls in any tenancies.

How We Can Help

If you want to get a CBD Assessment for your building, please call us to discuss your project.

We can advise you of the suitable rating tool for your building and advise you on the CBD process and what you need to do to plan for the assessment to commence.

With the right information, we can advise you at an early stage whether your building is capable of being rated on a Base Building basis or whether a Whole Building rating will be needed. We can also advise you whether your building is “rateable”.

Working with your facilities staff and building tenants, we can explain the data collection and site validation process so that it can run smoothly, and in a way to keep your tenants on side.

In the event of your building being an exception or unrateable, we can compile the submissions for any exceptions or exemptions on your behalf.