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NABERS - National Australian Built Environment Rating System

What is NABERS?

NABERS Office Energy rates buildings on their measured energy use, with emphasis on the amount of greenhouse gas emissions generated. Emissions are based on a per-square metre of Net Lettable Area (NLA) measure to enable fair comparisons across different scales of buildings in different climate zones. Buildings are star rated, with 3 stars regarded as the peak of normal practice. Buildings with star ratings of 4-5 stars and more are regarded as high performance buildings exceeding normal practice. In 2010, the rating system was changed to a 6 star basis.

NABERS was designed as a voluntary rating tool in order to drive change in the property industry. In some contexts, NABERS is effectively compulsory: the Property Council of Australia has made NABERS benchmarks compulsory for several property grades. Some Federal and State Government Departments, and other semi-private government agencies have policies requiring any buildings they occupy or procure to meet minimum NABERS benchmarks. Since late 2011, under the Commercial Building Disclosure Scheme (CBD) it is compulsory for all commercial office buildings over 2000m2 to declare a NABERS Office Energy Rating when for sale or when space within the building is advertised for lease.

How we can help

If you want to get a NABERS Rating for your building, or want assistance in ensuring your building design will achieve a minimum NABERS rating, please call us to discuss your project.

We can advise you of the suitable rating tool for your building and advise you on the NABERS process and what you need to do to plan for the rating to commence.

With the right information, we can advise you at an early stage whether your building is capable of being rated on a base building basis or whether a whole building rating will be needed. We can also advise you whether your building is “rateable”.

Working with your facilities staff and building tenants, we can explain the data collection and site validation process so that it can run smoothly, and in a way to keep your tenants on side.

For a new building or building upgrade, we can organise energy modelling to project the level of energy performance for the design. We can also advise about gaining Energy Saving Certificates through your building upgrade.

For more information please contact us.