Sustainability Services

Sustainability Research

Greensynergy research activity is carried out through consulting projects for businesses, organizations and university partners. The following are the main research themes:

Sustainability Culture

  • The development of sustainability culture and its implications for sustainability practice.
  • Systems thinking, and complexity theory with special focus on the concept of emergence.
  • Participatory action research in community and organizational processes.

Sustainable Communities

  • Research interest in socio-technical systems supporting sustainable settlement and community development.
  • We have a special focus on remote Indigenous community development, housing and technology processes, and lifecycles.

Technology Philosophy

  • Technology as an emergent human culture
  • Technacy theory and how to apply it
  • The role of technology in sustainability

PhD Research (Awarded 2012)

  • Culture as an emergent quality of complex adaptive socio-technical systems;
  • The connections between human action and emergent system qualities;
  • The prospects for the emergence of a culture of sustainability; and
  • The implications of emergent sustainability culture for the sustainability practitioner.