Sustainability Services

Basix Assessments and Thermal Modelling

Our Basix and Thermal Modelling services are:

Thermal Modelling for Single and Multi Residential Projects

  • AccuRate thermal modelling of Class 1 and 2 residential dwellings to either the national NCC 6 Star requirements or the Simulation method for determining Heating and Cooling Caps as required by Basix in NSW.

Basix Assessments and Certificates (NSW)

  • Design and technical advice to meet Basix requirements for Water, Thermal Comfort and Energy.
  • Preparation of Basix Certificates, including AccuRate thermal modelling certificates.

How "Green" do you want to go?

Most property developers and homebuilders aim for compliance with building sustainability regulations. If you want your residential development to be as green as possible, compliance is not enough!

To create a residential development that is as green as possible, then you will need to orient your design process on to achieve a high green rating from the earliest possible stage - even including site procurement processes.

Greensynergy Consulting specialises in helping architects, designers, developers and owner-builders to achieve the highest green ratings within the project budget and with the overall design aims of the project.

With over 30 years experience in building science, thermal design, and building sustainability, we apply our understanding of building science, thermal design and green building principles to get optimum solutions. We also apply value-management processes to ensure that the recommended solutions are cost-effective.

We do not do "quick and loose" compliance assessments that appear to satisfy many property developers, preferring to provide professional-standard services to designers and developers of high performance green buildings! Getting a cheap assessment could result in a poorly performing building built to a high cost.

If you are a multi-residential developer and want to achieve a broader green outcome to ensure market leadership, you can also consider getting your development rated under the Green Star system from the Green Building Council of Australia. Go to the Green Star Ratings page for more details.

Our services are fully accredited with the Association of Building Sustainability Assessors (ABSA) for compliance with the Building Code of Australia and the BASIX system in NSW.

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